Generation Connection - Helping you touch future generations with the story of your life
A poem about memoir writing 
by Karen Larsen
Your kids are all grown, grandchildren are here
Some live far away others are near
You don’t get to talk like folks used to do
You want them to know you, to know what is true
But how can you tell them what's on your mind?
What's gone on through the years? They're one of a kind!
Do you know where to start?  Do you know what to do?
To tell your own story; what things made you you?
Don't worry! Don't fret! Don't give it a care!
Generation Connection soon will be there
In less time than you thought, we can open that door
And help you write your memoir—your own family lore
How you met your husband—how you found your wife
And then what you did with the rest of your life
Where you lived, what you learned, what you did for fun
What’s important to you when all’s said and done
And if writing’s not something that you like to do
We’ll listen as you tell it and write it for you