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It was a ten

Thank you very much for your presentation "We All Have a Story to Tell." On my scale of one to ten, it was a ten!

Gene Hass


My sons were thrilled

I just wanted to let you know that my family really appreciated what I gave them for Christmas this past year. The life story that you did for me was received beautifully. My sons were thrilled to get it. Your quips and throughts were really good and you wrote it as if you had known me all my life. I do thank you a whole bunch for doing such a great job.

Lee Puttrich


The power of stories

Thank you for leading such a creative writing class for us. Having a diverse audience was one of our goals for this event and you managed to tie us all together through the power of stories! Your personal creativity through your stories and music provided the group with insight and illumination. I’m so glad we could work together!

Christie Wagner

Ela Township Area Library

and a quote from 

Gloria Swanson

I'll be eighty this month.

Age, if nothing else, entitles me

to set the record straight.

I've given my memoirs

far more thought

than any of my marriages.

You can't divorce a book.

He loved you so

Karen Larsen with Fred Groh, who was not only one of her first memoir students, but also became her very dear friend.

Thank you for all you meant to Fred. He loved you so.

Janet Putbress

(Fred Groh's daughter)

Well organized and easy going

Thank you so much for your program “Life Story Writing.” You were well organized and had an easy going manner that allowed participants to open and up and share some of their life stories. I had nothing but compliments from those who attended your workshop.

Gena K. Zelenka

Park Ridge Public Library

Adult Programming Librarian

Helps people dip into memories

I remember my engineer dad and me making a Jacob’s ladder, some electrical current project…I was bored to tears as he tried to explain every painstaking detail. Way too much precision, but the end product was really interesting to watch, and it made a cool sound—kind of like the electrical noise you’d hear in Dr. Frankenstein's lab. You have a great way of helping people dip into their memories.

Jackie Koglin

Park Ridge


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